Who are we?

2017-18 Foodies

On Wednesday 18th May 2017 a lady from Chartwells Catering came and spoke to the Foodies group about eating healthily and drinking lots, especially water, because it helped our bodies get rid of toxins and headaches.

She showed us a food chart with the different food groups and explained what they did for our bodies. For example carbohydrates give us energy and protein is for our muscles.

The Foodies then showed a PowerPoint presentation in Assembly plus we talked to the rest of the school about what we had learnt about the different food groups and how important it is to drink a lot of water.



The Foodies are a pupil led group directly linking pupils to ideas about food and healthy eating.

They are actively engaged with communications with our food providers Chartwells, and continue to work on ensuring that the pupil voice is heard.

This year their focus is on developing the lunchtime experience and campaigning for healthier lunchboxes.

On 17 December, The Foodies held an assembly with Reverend Anne Brown (from the Launceston Foodbank) raising awareness about Foodbanks. They highlighted facts and figures and talked about some real life cases. Rev Anne brought in an example of three days worth of food that is given out to people in need..

Later that week, there was a collection of non-perishable goods for the Launceston Foodbank.

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