What does JRSO stand for?

JRSO stands for:-JRSO hedgehog small

Why is JRSO important?

We are important because we teach younger children to be safe on the road.What do JRSO do?

We make drama performances and promote being safe on the road.   We create and make posters to put up around the school including the Green Cross Code.   We try to make everyone in the school as safe as possible.   We also hand out competitions or quizzes, so that we can help everybody learn more about being safe on the road.

Why we do JRSO…

“JRSO helps young people know how to be safe on the road.”

“Some people don’t know about road safety.  JRSO helps people to understand.”

“JRSO helps the children to be safe on the roads.  I enjoy doing the plays that we perform in assembly.”

“I think it’s important because we raise awareness to the little ones, so they know how to behave near a road.”

“I love performing all the plays in assemblies.  I also like helping young people to understand JRSO and road safety.”

“JRSO is about making people safe and helping to stop them having accidents on the roads.”

Green X code small