Bodmin Fire Station.

On Monday 25th April Hawks and Foxes visited Bodmin Fire Station. We were shown all over a working fire engine and even got to squirt water from a real fireman’s hose. We learned that the fire crew get called out to lots of different emergencies and even have to climb down cliffs sometimes!                               We were shown the special clothes that they wear and saw all the useful breathing apparatus that protects the firemen. It was a fascinating visit.


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Multi-skills Festival.

On Wednesday 20th April Hawks class went to Launceston College for a multi-skills festival. We played parachute games, ball games and had a gymnastics opportunity which we all enjoyed. The sports leaders were all very helpful and encouraging and we can’t wait for next time.

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RHS Rosemoor.

Hawks and Foxes were lucky enough to visit Rosemoor at the beginning of half-term. We had a lovely day looking for objects and plants in the gardens and making sculptures in the woods. You would not believe how many different colours that we found in the gardens even though it is February!

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Hawks Class had great fun pretending to be penguins and other polar animals whizzing down the slope in special tubes, even the teachers had a turn. WE LOVED IT!


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Stuff and Nonsense, the theatre company who performed The Three Little Pigs were incredibly clever at weaving a tale with humour and panache. The quote on their flier, ‘you couldn’t get a better introduction to theatre for children’ from the Herald was justly deserved.

Hawks and Foxes had a lovely time and there was much laughter and heckling from them ‘in the best possible taste’! It created a ‘fantastic finish’ to our current projects and we would love to go again!



Daya is a Sikh lady who visits our school on a two year cycle. She is a delightful lady who challenges the children to say openly how she is different from them. She brings her culture and beautiful clothes for us to try on and enjoy. We even do some Indian dancing which everyone enjoys.

Daya talks about life as a Sikh to the older children and is never phased by the questions that this might provoke. Daya takes all the mystery and misconceptions that might be held and demonstrates a real zest for life and sharing. We always look forward to her visits!



Captain Coconut Visit – September