Hi All Otters (and Parents/Carers)

Welcome to the Autumn Term. I hope you’ve all had a lovely Summer Break and are now ready to start your next learning adventure!

This term our topic is…

Me, Myself and I! 

Our topic for the autumn term is ‘Me, Myself and I’. The children will begin their learning journey with their stunning start where they will start by learning about each other. What makes them similar? What makes them different? They will also have the opportunity to take part in a talent show to show off their individual talents. For the remainder of the day, the children will start to think about what being healthy means. They will prepare/ cook a healthy meal and take part in healthy activities.

Their topic lessons will begin with a Science focus where they children will begin by learning about the skeletons and muscles of humans and other animals and how these are used for support protection and movement. They will then consider the nutritional needs of humans and other animals where they will develop an understanding of the right types and amount of nutrition needed, that they cannot make their own food and that they get nutrition from what they eat.


The children’s Science learning will then move on to focus on light. The children will learn that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light. They will think about the reflection of light from different surfaces. The children will look at shadows including how they are formed and patterns in the way that the size of shadows changes.

Please see below for our topic web! 














Keep checking back for some amazing photos of our learning so far!

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