Homelearning teaches children to be independent, to take initiative and responsibility for completing a task, and it helps children to develop a sense of self-discipline. Doing school work at home helps the children to practice working alone without asking for help from their classmates and teachers.

Homelearning is given out each week on a Wednesday.

Homelearning will usually consist of a six week gris for the chidlren to choose a variety of leanring activities to complete. Each activity they complete will earn them a house point. They will also be asked to complete some spellings, TT rockstarts and/or Times tables books and reading.

It is expected that children read each and every day and record when they do so in their reading record book. Adults in Otters will check this weekly. House points are awarded each time a child reads outside of school.

As always, if you have any questions regarding homework, please contact me.

Many thanks,

Mrs Cook and Mr West

Otter Class Homelearning Grid spring 1