Class 4 Homework | Anson CE Primary School

Homework is given out each week on a Wednesday. It is to be returned the following Monday. Homework will usually consist of an assortment of spelling, handwriting, maths, topic, guided reading and writing.

It is expected that children read each and every day and record when they do so in their reading record book. Adults in Kestrel class will check this weekly. House points are awarded each time a child reads outside of school.

As always, if you have any questions regarding homework, please contact me.

Many thanks,

Mr Masters


Spelling homework – 

Spelling Week 2 4.5.22


Lion King practice 

Circle of life


I just can’t wait to be king


Be prepared


Hakuna Matata – Part 1

Hakuna Matata – Part 2


Can you feel the love tonight?


He lives in you – Mufasa/Simba/Rafiki