Nat West Bus Visit

On Friday 23rd October, Year 6 children from Lewannick travelled by a fly infested minibus to Boyton Primary School to board the Nat West Bus ….. which remained stationary!

We had to complete a maths task involving money. There was a money making machine which made £25 a day.

We were given the money making machine on the 1st July but had to give it back on the 14th of December. We had to work out how much money we could make during this time.

So, we had to work out how many days there were all together between the 1st July and 14th December (167 days).

Then the total number of days (167) had to be multiplied by 25 (£25) which equals £3775.

Then we could buy things that we needed with the money made.

Written by Tula – Year 6



10 September 2015

During our first week back at school we found out about how we learn. Follow the link below to find out more!


How we learn – Synapses and Neural Pathways