A Typical Day

From 8.45am, Miss Rydqvist will be in Fox Class and Mrs. Dinnis, Mrs Drake and Miss Aspery will be ready to greet Pre-School children in the The Cubs room. This gives us the chance to welcome children individually and talk briefly to parents. Please let us know if there are any problems or notable situations at home as this often helps us to deal with your child with better understanding at such times.

At 9am we begin with registration in our learning bases. Children then take part in planned activities. The morning session is mainly taken up with Communication and Language, Mathematics and Physical Development tasks that are enriched with various practical child-initiated activities that support the EYFS curriculum.

Playtime is 10.30-10.45 am. Children may take a healthy snack out to play or buy something from our Fair-trade stall.

Lunchtime is 11.45am-1pm. You can choose whether to give them a packed lunch or take up the universal free school meals. After lunch, children play outside together.

Afternoons start at 1pm. Lots of child-initiated activities take place as well as teacher-led learning. We have playtime 2-2.15pm. The day frequently ends with a stories, songs and Circle Time.

3.15pm is home time. Please be ready to receive your child at the classroom doors. We take great care to dismiss children only to their parents or other regular carers, so if someone different will be collecting your child it is important to let us know. You can tell us at the beginning of the day verbally, send in a note or telephone if your arrangements change at short notice