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Hi All Otters ( and Parents/Carers)

Welcome to the Autumn Term. I hope you’ve all had a lovely Summer Break and are now ready to start your next learning adventure!

This term our topic is…

Our topic for the Autumn term is ‘Sand V Stone’. It focuses on different areas of history that happened at the same time, The Stone Age and The Egyptians. The main focus of the topic is to answer the question, ‘How was life different during The Stone Age and The Egyptians?’


In Science, children will focus their learning on electricity and sound. Children will learn about the difference between mains electricity and battery electricity and look at appliances that use electricity. They will then learn about circuits and symbols to represent circuits as well as how electricity travels through a circuit. Children will be encouraged to use this knowledge to know whether a circuit is complete or incomplete and whether it will light a bulb or not. They will then conduct a scientific experiment to discover which everyday materials are insulators or conductors. The children will then learn about how different instruments produce sounds by vibrating before learning about how these vibrations travel through the air into the ear and the information is sent to the brain. The children will also learn about pitch and volume and how instruments are made so that these can change depending on how the instrument is played, to see this first-hand the children will create their own set of panpipes to explore how they can change the pitch and volume of the sound made.


The children will be using their Science learning about circuits and switches to help them make their own torch in DT.  Finally in art, children will be comparing different types of art from the two periods in History. They will be looking at the colours used and how the art was created. Children will be learning about the importance of lines in their art before learning how to overlap the lines to create a more interesting picture. The children will also learn about the primary colours and how to mix these to create secondary and tertiary colours, so that they can create the correct colours from their time period on the art they will create, which will be in the style of either Ancient Egyptian art or Stone Age art.


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Skills Knowledge & Vocab SAND VS STONE


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