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Hi All Otters ( and Parents/Carers)

Welcome to the summer Term. I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to all the learning and fun we will be having.

Please remember you can still do TT rockstars at home and it would be brilliant if you could read everyday and write it in your reading diary.

As always please do not hesitate to contact me using my email address:


Keep safe and have fun


Mrs Cook

Please find this term’s topic web  called ‘Why is it that?’ A Geography focused unit.

Otter Class Summer 2020



Spring 2

week 2 w/b 1-3-21

all year 3

all year 4

Week 1 w/b 22-2-21

All Year 3

All Year 4

Week 6 w/b 8-2-21

all year 3 8-2-21

all year 4 8-2-21

Week 5 w/b 1-2-21

all year 3 week 5

all year 4 week 5


Number Afternoon activity sheet and resources


Week 4 w/b 25-1-21

All Year 3 week 4

All Year 4 week 4


Website to research the Census –

Digestive system home experiment –

Operation Ouch link to watch terrific teeth –

W/B 18-1-21

All learning – Year 3

All year 4

Reading for both year groups for online lesson – Reading lesson wb 18-1-21

Apostrophes for contraction and possession bbcbitesize videos



Lesson Presentation Digestive System Functions

PSHE/Science 19-1-21

Please complete the table with the quantity of sugar, salt and fat in 100ml or 100gms of the food

Resource_sheet sugar, salts and fats


W/B 11-1-21

Year 4 all learning

Year 3 all learning


Science – powerpoint and links to videos from lesson on Mon

#Lesson Presentation Digestive System Parts


Try and make a stencil and create a repeating pattern picture. Or have a go at making a butterfly stencil.



Please design a healthy meal that includes most of the food groups.

You could draw a plate and label it with the foods and why it is healthy or write about your meal and explain which foods belong in each food group and describe why it is healthy. Below are a few links that may help you:


Please do a mini project on either Mary Seacole or the History of the Internet and Ada Lovelace



Go to the SCRATCH coding website and complete any of the tutorials

Spring Term 2020-21

Our new topic is called – My past, present and future.

Please follow the link below to find out the content for each subject


Autumn Term 2020-21

Our new topic is called – Where would we be without science?

Please follow the link below to find out the content for each subject

Autumn Term curriculum



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