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‘The school curriculum should contribute to the development of pupils’ sense of identity through knowledge and understanding of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural heritages of Britain’s diverse society and of the local, national, European, Commonwealth and global dimensions of their lives.’

This is a quote from the National Curriculum, and we believe that our membership of the Comenius programme serves this ideal well.  Its aid to an appreciation of cultural diversity and helping young people to acquire basic life skills and capabilities for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship is immeasurable.

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The logo we created for Comenius 

Our new partnership is with Norway, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Cyprus and Germany, and we are very excited and delighted with our connection to these European countries.

The diverse opportunities provided by the Comenius partnerships particularly for the older pupils is unique, and nurtures their independence in the wider world in a way that could never be achieved in the classroom.

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Part of our Comenius display



Here is a clip of the school singing the Christmas carol “Silent Night” in German (“Stille Nacht”), in December 2013.

Here is a clip of the school singing a traditional Czech song about a cuckoo.   This was recorded following the visit to the Czech Republic in March 2014 by a group of Lewannick staff including Mr Harrison, our music teacher.




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Trewortha Class pupils produced a presentation for our partner schools.   To view it click here.



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We provided a few recipes for our partner schools.   To view them click here.


Tree Planting and Fruit Day




Apple trees were planted in the school grounds, and there was a an apple tasting alongside apple based treats. To see more details and pictures, click here.



Trewortha and Kilmar Classes are undertaking regular gardening activities in various areas of the school grounds.

Click here to see their progress.

These activities contributed to the wider gardening element of the project. We have produced a book that documents what each of the seven participating schools did in this area.

Click here to view a draft copy of the book.



We produced a UK quiz to form part of a programme quiz covering all the partner countries.  Click here to view our questions.



Following the project meeting hosted by us in 2014, a survey was conducted of the participants. Click here to view the results.



There are visits to each of our partner schools, during the life of the programme.   You can learn more about each visit by clicking below:

Hungary – September 2013

Czech Republic – March 2014

England – July 2014

Slovenia (with Year 6) – March 2015



Here are links to the British Council and our partner schools:

British Council Comenius Programme Project Twinspace - public access website hosted in Hungary Balassi Bálint Általános Iskola és Előkészítő Szakiskola, Hungary šola Milana Šuštaršiča, Slovenia Gensungen Grundschule, Germanyákladní škola Žamberk, Czech RepublicΔημοτικό Σχολείο Χρυσελεούσας (ΚΒ) - Dimotiko Scholeio Chryseleousas K.B., Cyprus
Nattland Skole, Norway

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