There are two main occasions when staff will dispense medicines to pupils:

  1. When a prescription from a GP, requires that medicine be taken during the course of the school day
  2. A parent requests non prescribed medicines to be administered. The parent must sign the medical consent form indicating that the child is not allergic to the medicine provided.

Prescribed and Non Prescribed Medicines

A Request for School to Adminster Medicine form must be completed and signed by a parent before any member of staff voluntarily agrees to administer the medicine. The member of staff will sign, time and date the dispensing sheet. Such drugs will be stored safely where children cannot have access, under staff supervision until required.


All parents are asked to complete an Asthma Record form detailing if their child suffers from asthma. School requests an inhaler to be kept on the premises, in the first aid cupboard in the staffroom.

School Trips

All inhalers are checked and taken in the First Aid bag by the appropriate Teacher or Teaching Assistant.

All other medication must be handed to the teacher on the morning of departure with a completed Request for School to Administer Medicine form.