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TDAT Admission Arrangements 2024_25

TDAT Admission Arrangements 2023_24

TDAT Admission arrangements 2022_23 APPROVED

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Radicalisation Statement

Attendance and Absence Policy

Behaviour Management Policy 2021-22

CAPH Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2022

Charging Policy



E-Safety Information

E-Safety Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement

Equality Policy – 2022

Privacy Notice

Lewannick Primary School PSHE (including SRE) Policy

Safer Recruitment TDAT Policy

School Emergency Closure – A guide for parents-carers

Lewannick SEN Policy 2022_2023

Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy 2022

TDAT Subject Access Request Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy 2022

TDAT Staff Wellbeing Policy 2022

TDAT Menopause Policy 2022

TDAT Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy 2022

Workforce Privacy Notice