The basic daily timetable structure is as follows:

8.00 – Breakfast Club starts

8.40 – School opens for all children and children are greeted on the playground by a member of staff

8.50 – Children go into classrooms, register and choose their lunch

9.00 – Phonics and Reading – All children in school are learning Read Write Inc phonics or are having their reading lesson.

9.45 – Spelling – All children across school are learning spellings appropriate to their year group.

10.00 – Maths or Writing

10.55 – Playtime – all children have the opportunity to have a snack and all children are encouraged to go outside for some fresh air and a run around.

11.15 – Maths or Writing

12.00 – Lunchtime – Children have staggered times to sit in the hall and eat their lunch with their peers.

1.00 – Afternoon lessons start. These vary across the week and copver the foundation subjects. More information of these can be found on the clas pages and on the curriculum webs.

2.50 – Whole school or class assembly

3.15 – Home time;

Fox Class (  reception and preschool) collected from pre-school doors

Owl Class collected from class door

Otter and Kestrel Classes collected from the playground (unless poor wethaer conditions when children will be collected from the main entrance)

3.15 – 4.15 – After School Clubs – parents can sign children up to these via Arbor