Summer 2 Week 4

This week we have been learning the story ‘The Snail and The Whale’ and we have made non-fiction texts about sea creatures based on our trip to the Aquarium!


We have been making mermaids! (We met a mermaid called Marina last week!)

use this


Outside the children helped to set up a Fox Class Fayre where they had to pay for chosen activities using the correct money. The prices got trickier over the week and the children had to combine a variety of coins to make the amount!


We have been exploring water colours and how this paint differs from ready mix paint!


We picked some of our strawberries that we have grown! Some had already been eaten! Luckily there was still lots for us to try.


The boys took part in Boys Dance!

Summer 1 Week 7

This week we have continued our learning around Neil Armstrong and space as the children found this so interesting!

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Blast off!


We made space passports!

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We have been working out number sentences and doing lots of counting!

use 4

Some children decided to open a car wash!

use 6

Alien gloop!

use 7

We did some writing in space glitter!


We have been experimenting with objects that float or sink.

Summer 1 Week 5

We have continued to learn about VIPs this week. We have focused on Mr Towe and the Prime Minister! We have begun to make books about some of the VIPs we have been learning about!

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We have been learning about halving! The children are very good at it!

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After learning about David Cameron the Prime Minister, we have been voting in Fox Class for learning opportunities within class!


The children voted for animals and wooden bricks! They spent a long time building enclosures for them!

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We have been pretending to be police officers and have filled in lots of ‘Wanted’ posters and ‘Police Investigation’ forms!

use 9

Calling 999!

Summer 1 Week 3

As part of our new topic (VIPs) we have been learning about firefighters!


We visited Bodmin Fire Station!

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We looked closely at photographs of fire engines and drew and painted our own!

use 2

We have been carefully colouring fire station pictures!

use 1

Some children decided to make a fire engine out of junk!

use 5

We learnt about what life was like for fire fighters in the past!

use 3

Saving the numbers from the fire!

use 6

We built a fire station for our fire engines!

use 7

We have been learning about and describing the properties of 3D shapes!

Summer 1 Week 2

We have continued our learning around The Very Hungry Caterpillar story!

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We have been learning about subtraction and counting back in Maths!

use 10

Look at our amazing Hungry Caterpillar headbands!

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use 12

We have made The Very Hungry Caterpillar paper chains!

use 6

We have used the i-pads and cameras to record our musical performances!

use 3

We have been using our knowledge of coins and money to buy items at the supermarket role-play!

use 1

We have been learning about capital letters and recapping letter names!


We have been using our new water wall!

use 7

Mud pies – yum!

Summer 1 Week 1

This week we have been learning the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!


Look – A Caterpillar! We used really small beads to make them!


We made symmetrical butterflies!

IMG_7751 IMG_7768

We have been preapring healthy playdough food for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and after we wrote a menu for him!


We have been growning beans inside and they are now ready to be planted outside! We are planting them in welly boots!


We have been using different resources to add to our houses and castles built in the construction area.


We have been washing clothes and pegging them up to dry!

Spring 2 Week 3

This week we have been learning about being healthy!

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We designed and made a healthy juice!

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We have learnt about hygiene and keeping clean.

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Look at our vegetable jungle!

use 6

We have been learning the story of Handa’s Suprise!

use 8

We have been using large loose pieces to create a ball run!

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use 12

In Maths we have been counting on from a given number and practicing addition!

use 11

We have been using the i-pads to write and practice our letter formation!

Spring 2 Week 1

This week we have been learning about plants!



Exploring plants, seeds and digging in the outdoor classroom!


Some children have been singing and playing insturments as part of a band!

use 3

Building a rocket with plant pots!use 5

We have also learnt about colour mixing!

use 7

We have done some writing about plants! (independent!)


use 8

We have been writing words with 4 and 5 sounds!

use 9

In maths we have been using the language of more/less/fewer and talking about which numbers are bigger and smaller and how we know!

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We also had a fantastic trip to Rosemoor Gardens – Look at our Visits and Activites page for more!

Spring 1 Week 5

We have been learning about Inuits this week!

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We have learned how to prepare and cook a fish!

use 2

We then tried it! Lot’s of us had a taste!

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We were very interested in the bones!

Use 8

We have been exploring ice, people and boats in our small world!

Use 5

We have been making fishing rods…

use 6

And catching letters and making words!


We have been negotiating space and avoiding obstacles on scooters and bikes!

Use 10 Use 13 use 12

We have been learning about number formation!

Use 7

We have been reading and writing WT7 words in snow (flour)!

Spring 1 Week 2

We have been learning about ice and Winter this week!

Use 1

We went on a Winter walk!


We used Fresco to make pictures of the Southern Lights!


We made a Winter Collage!


Lots of children have been interested in junk modelling – and we did some writing about it!


We have been exploring in the ice tray!


We have learnt about melting!


In Maths we have been estimating – here we estimated how many hoops we thought there were and then counted to check!
We have been learning about Diwali – The Festival of Light!

Use 2

Outdoor Rangoli patterns!


Use 3

We made Coconut Barfi. These are Diwali sweets!


Use 6

Daya taught us how to meditate! This is our Hindu Shrine role-play.


use 1

Rangoli patterns from loose materials!


Use 4

We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita. We then made Diyas!


Use 7

We have also been recalling our phonics and making words in exciting ways!


Use 5


In Maths we have been practicing our 1:1 counting and number recognition!