On the 10th February, Fox Class spent the day enjoying Forest School. They wrapped up warmly and walked out to the Forest School circle. They played and loved the animal home game and colour swap game which encouraged the children to walk around the outside of the fire circle. They then walked through the Forest School area collecting things they found interesting and put them into a cup. Back at the fire circle, they talked about what they had chosen and why. Water was poured into the cup and string attached. When they had frozen, we hung them up as water ice art. The children also made twig starts, choosing the same length twigs and tying them together with twine. In the afternoon, we collected different size sticks to make a fire. We boiled water on the Kelly Kettle and then enjoyed some hot chocolate! After cutting a hazel stick, the children scraped the bark off the bottom using a potato peeler. When the fire was lit, the children got to thread a marshmallow onto the hazel stick and toasted it over the fire! Although cold, we had a great day exploring outside!