On Wednesday 24th May Fox Class visited Launceston Tesco for a Farm to Fork trip! First, we were greeted by Shelley and taken to a back room. We were each given some dough where we had to split it equally into 4 portions and chose some toppings! Then the baker came and collected them and they were kindly delivered back to us at school, as bread rolls!

At break time, we went to the back room again and had lots of different fruit and vegetables! All of the children tried some! We even discovered that we like some new foods!

Next, we were taken to a counter where we allowed to taste a variety of cheese, from Red Leicester to Smoked! After that, we put on some gloves and held lots of different types of fish. They were very slimy!
Once we finished our snack, we were taken on a secret tour of the warehouse! We were able to see where the expensive items were kept (in a cage!) and looked at the security features.

Then we found out where the delivery trucks come and how everything is moved from the lorry to the warehouse and then onto the shop floor. We ever got to see how online shopping is done!

To finish, we went into the fridge, which was a little cold, and thought about all of the items that could be kept in there. We all then piled into the freezer! It was FREEEEEZING!

We had a great day going behind the scenes!