Our Learning



Take a look at what Fox Class has been learning about this week….

Summer 2 – All Aboard!

Week 1:


Summer 1 – All Creatures Great and Small!

Week 6:

This week we went to Tesco! Take a look at out visits and activities page for more pictures and information!


Week 5:

Writing a shopping list!

We have created a shared farm picture – spending 1 minute at a time and then swapping to other picture!

Week 4:

Chicks came in to visit us! We talked about the life cycle of a chick and how to take care of them.

Ordering numbers backwards from 20!

Week 3:


We have been independently reading sentences and matching them to the pictures!  


Ordering numbers to 20!

We have been making lots of farm animals this week. The children were given picture examples and had to choose all of the materials they needed independently!

Week 2:

We visited Mali’s Farm this week! Take a look at all of our photos here.


Working out takeaway number sentences!

Week 1:

We have been exploring 3d shapes this week, reading challenge cards and matching the properties to its shape!

We had a special teacher come in on Wednesday to teach us Line Dancing!



Spring 2

Week 6:

We have been making the Moon out of a range of materials this week. We went outside and scooped up wet mud and moulded it – it was very messy!

Week 5:


We have been looking at double sounds in the middle of words during phonics!  

We have started to look at doubling numbers using spots and counters.  

We have been acting out the ‘Whatever Next’ story and pretending to travel to space!

Week 4:

For the next 3 weeks we are exploring space!

Week 3:

We went on a ‘colour run’ to celebrate the Holi Festival!

We have been participating in basketball from the coach Danny from Plymouth Raiders!

We have been exploring musical instruments this week and decided to make our own!

We had our class assembly this week where we retold the story of Brown Bear and sang songs all about colour and rainbows!

Week 2:

 We have been exploring different materials and colours to print with and make our own Elmer’s!





We had another Forest School session this week where we created a picture with loose materials.


Week 1: Our new topic ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’.

We made a colour wheel! Everyone in Fox Class has worked on this all week!

Mixing colours to paint aliens!

Playing ‘phonics football’ with WT7!

This week we have been looking at colour. We went on a colour hunt around the school to match different shades of colour to objects.

Spring 1

Week 6

The whole school went to iBounce!

This week we visited Bodmin Fire Station. Take a look at our activities page!

Week 5

The children created a large fire backdrop picture this week that we put outside. We then had to work as a team to put out the fire! We crawled our way through the den and worked as a team to tackle the huge fire!



Making fruit ice lollies! We cut up some fruit, added blackcurrant juice and then froze them! They were delicious!


Dress up as a superhero for World Cancer Day 2017.

Fox Class created this picture of houses during the Great Fire of London together, each drawing part of the picture for 1 minute, then moving round a place to add more to another persons drawing! The children were amazing at sharing their art work with one another!


This week is all about the Great Fire of London! The children have been putting the fires out in Fox Class! They all understand how lucky we are to have the fire service and have been fascinated learning about London!






Our focus in maths this week is 3d shapes. We have started to learn new shape names and sort everyday items accordingly.



Week 4

The famous author Simon James came to visit us this week! He read us his new story ‘Rex’ and talked about how he came up with the idea. Fox class were very lucky to get a special drawing from him! Some of us visited him after school to get our books signed! It was a very special day.



We have been using metal detectors in the garden this week and found out what is metal. We found out that when we put the metal detectors on the musical instruments, it creates new sounds!


Building animal shelters!

Our focus in maths this week has been time. We have learnt ‘o’clock’ and also how long a minute is! The children timed each other jumping and had a competition to see who could get the most jumps in a minute.

We watched a volcano explode!! We had to carefully sound out and read the instructions before adding all of the ingredients together to make it erupt!

Using sugar cubes, toothpaste and icing sugar, the children have been making igloos! They carefully pieced each cube together!


Week 3

This week in maths we have been learning about symmetry! We worked in partners to draw the line of symmetry and to copy the other side!



We were learning about ice melting this week and talked about environmental damage! The children decided they wanted to watch something melt – and chose chocolate! We melted the chocolate and then made it into rice crispy cakes! We also learnt how it could turn back into a solid by putting it in the fridge.































Week 2

This week we visited the Eden Project to do ice play! We were pulled on sledges, kicked balls around and drove mini cars on the ice. It was very slippery and lots of us fell over! We then looked around the biomes and some of us wanted to climb to the top to overlook everything!

IMG_0119 IMG_0121 IMG_0138

This is our first week learning about fire & ice! We had a fireman come in to talk to us about his job and we asked lots of questions! Please take a look at our visits and activities page to find out more!


img_0023We have been threading marshmallows onto sticks and roasting them on our bonfire. We even remembered our bonfire night song from our very first school assembly!


We have been learning how to order numbers to 20.

img_0001 img_0002

Foxes have loved watching the ice melt this week! They have been hammering it and putting warm hands over it too, to make it melt quicker!

Week 6 –


The children have loved playing ‘teachers’ this week!


We have started to write our own number sentence and using objects to help us find out the answer.

Week 5 – Gingerbread Men

We have learnt and acted out the story of the Gingerbread Man this week. We then made some gingerbread dough during our own learning.




We started on Christmas crafts this week and made a Christmas tree using sticks! These are hanging in our class room!


Sorting items!


It was a special day this week in Fox Class! Freddie Fox turned 5! We had a party and it we had a lovely time!


img_8824 img_8832

We had a party for him and played lots of games! We had party food and cake too!

We have started to look at what happens when you mix colours.


We have started looking at money and matching the value. We used money in our clothes shop to pay for our items!

Week 3 – Diwali Festival!

This week we have learnt about the Diwali Festival! We have made diva lamps!



We also made our own candles to celebrate the festival of light!




We used the IWB to make firework pictures!


Lots of lose materials were used to make rockets!

We have learnt the Gunpowder Plot and remembered some very important facts! We were able to put it all in order by ourselves!



In maths we have been learning the days of the week. We thought of special things that happen each day to help us remember! Roast on a Wednesday, Bobby on a Friday!


Our fruit and veg shop has changed into a clothes shop!

img_9760 img_9759

We have been doing lots of independent writing this week!

img_9758 img_9757

Week 1.

We have been learning about the Harvest Festival this week.


We had a fruit and veg shop and bought lots of health harvest food!


We painted using carrots!

Week 7.

This week we went to St. Neot Primary School! We got to play with new children and explore their lovely area!

img_9625 img_9629

Week 6.

We went our first school trip to Rosemoore Gardens! The children were each assigned a colour and had to find natural items from the gardens. We even had time to visit the park!

img_9578 img_9580 img_9585 img_9586 img_9588 img_9598

Week 5!

We looked at ‘our bodies’ this week!


We had our year 6 buddies in to read to us! The children LOVED it!

img_9550 img_9556



img_9560 img_9561


Week 4.

We looked at different types of materials this week. The children decided that a walk around the village would help. us decide the best material to build a house with.

img_9387 img_9388 img_9464img_9390 img_9408

Week 3!

We have had a very busy week in Fox Class!

We had a yoga session and the children loved it. Look how good we are!

img_9286 img_9291 img_9295 img_9300


This week we have been learning about 2d shapes. We went on a shape hunt around the school!

img_9249 img_9235 img_9234 img_9324

Lots of children kindly brought in a item from home and told us why it is special to them.


Week 2!

We started to look at our faces and what makes us different to others!


Fox Class enjoyed reading stories together this week and were amazing at retelling them!

img_9053 img_9054

Lots of children have been practicing their cutting skills.


Fox Class’ first week of school!

We have been very busy exploring our new classroom this week!


We have been using puzzles to learn our numbers!



We used play doh to make our faces and people from our families!


img_9005 !

It was a special Birthday this week too, we all shared some cake, it was delicious!



We learnt how to play some instruments with Mr Harrison! It was lots of fun.


We have learnt the sounds ‘a’ and ‘m’ this week. Lots of children chose to practice their writing independently!