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Who are we?


We hold a number of assemblies through the school year, where we deliver our E-Safety messages to the rest of the school using videos and presentations.

On 30th September, we held a special assembly with our internet safety governor Matt Kingdon.


In March 2016, we undertook a survey of the children to find out about their computer and internet use, and assess their views on their own e-safety.

In Trewortha Class, most pupils use PCs and tablets at home, and about a third use smartphones.   The figures were a little lower in Kilmar.

In Trewortha, half the class spend at least 90 minutes on devices each day, in Kilmar it is about a third.   A quarter of each class use their devices in their bedrooms.

Six pupils in both classes have been upset by something they have seen on line.   Most would tell a trusted person if this happened to them.   Four children in total suggested they had been victims of cyber-bullying at some point.

Finally, the self rating for computer and online safety was 8.5/10 across both KS2 classes.

Pokemon Go

Following the launch of Pokemon Go in the UK, parents need to learn
how to keep their children safe while using the game. Information can be found at:

internetmatters.org advice on Pokemon Go

More information…

Below you will find some useful E-Safety links, click on the icons to access these external sites.

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CEOPS Thinkuknow website, teaching safe internet use for 11 - 13 year olds

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CEOPS Thinkuknow website, providing advice for parents


Childnet internet safety advice for primary school children

Childnet internet safety advice for parents and carers

Childnet internet safety advice about social networking sites

CBBC - Stay Safe

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