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Kilmar Class celebrating Children in Need 2016

This half term, our topic is Whodunnit?

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On Wednesday 19th April, for our ‘stunning start’, Kilmar class became detectives for the day as part of their new class topic, Whodunnit?

In groups of 5, students became super sleuths in order to solve a series of tricky problems as part of our Kilmar Cluedo game. This was as a result of walking into their classroom and finding the outline of a murder victim on the floor! But whodunnit?

Scattered around the school, there were various times showing when the crime could have been committed, potential murder weapons and suspicious suspects.

Fortunately, due to Kilmar’s expertise in maths, literacy, team work and detection they were able to deduce that Reverend Green had perpetrated the murder at 9.15am with the noose.

Well done Kilmar for keeping Lewannick a safe place to live!


One of our themes in the previous term was Wonkalicious.

For our Stunning Starter we entered the wonderful world of Roald Dahl for our new topic, Wonkalicious. We engaged in different activities throughout the day in the hope of winning one of 5 Golden Tickets.

Having watched the original Gene Wilder film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, before Christmas, we were tested to see how much we could remember. This was done by completing a challenge to order the story using Quentin Blake’s original illustrations from Roald Dahl’s book.


Following on from that, we had a quiz to examine our knowledge of this amazing author and the stories he has written.

Next, we were asked to create our own magical version of a hard boiled sweet. It had to have special powers just like Mr Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers. Evangeline won a Golden Ticket with her design called The Running Man sweet, once in your mouth he will run on your tongue whilst his arms and legs change flavour. If you want him to stop running, give him a squeeze with your teeth but not too hard!

We spent a delicious afternoon concocting our very own crazy confectionery. With Miss Rydqvist’s help, we made chocolate in various flavours including; Marmite, mint sauce and chilli. Some were more popular than others!

IMG_1753 IMG_1739

To finish our day in style we designed an advertising campaign for Mr Wonka and his enchanting eatables. Some of us definately have the gift of the gab and would make excellent advertising executives in the future.





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